Common Skin Concerns Treatable at Northshore Dermatology

The tone, texture, and color of your skin are key factors that determine the health of your skin. Therefore, if you start noticing a change in texture, tone, or color, you must consult your dermatologist because you might have skin concerns that, if left untreated, might result in serious complications. However, no need to worry if you note any changes because some are just minor concerns that are treatable with various cosmetic and medical solutions available. If you have noted various skin changes, Northshore Dermatology services can help deal with your skin concerns, thus leaving you looking stunning. Examples of common skin concerns include:

Skin cysts

Generally, cysts are growths containing fluid or pus. It is important to note that cysts can form anywhere on your skin but commonly develop on your face, neck, or torso. They are usually characterized as small and round swellings or bumps. In most cases, you can also see a small blackhead at the cyst’s opening; they can be red and swollen and are usually infected. An epidermal cyst is the most common type, and it usually forms gradually but is painless. Another common type of skin cyst is a sebaceous cyst that commonly forms from the sebaceous glands responsible for producing sebum.


Usually, eczema is an inflammatory skin problem prevalent in children but can also develop in people of all ages. One of the common forms of eczema is atopic dermatitis, and the exact cause of this skin concern is unknown because most researchers believe it is due to environmental and genetic factors. Therefore, people diagnosed with eczema experience flare-ups when exposed to certain household cleaners, dry air, chemical additives found in fabric softeners and detergents, extreme heat or cold, and ingredients in hair and skin products.

Skin cancer

The primary cause of skin cancer is sun damage, especially when exposed to Ultraviolet rays, but it can also be genetic. You should be aware that skin cancer can affect any part of your skin, especially those exposed to harmful sun rays. Therefore, most care providers recommend routine skin cancer screening for early diagnosis and treatment.


It is a term used to describe all types of skin irritation following allergic reactions. In most cases, your dermatitis may involve dryness, itching, visible rash, bleeding, blisters, cracked skin, bumps, and skin thickening. The symptoms may occur on any body part, thus requiring you to seek medical help immediately if you note any of the above signs.


Acne occurs when sebum and dead skin cells clog your hair follicles. However, severe acne can be due to bacterial infection, which causes inflammation. It is common among teenagers but can also affect adults and may indicate an underlying medical condition.

When your skin texture and tone are on point, your self-esteem and confidence too are improved. Therefore, you do not have to keep feeling less attractive because you have started noting various skin concerns, including early signs of aging. After all, various skin therapies are available to deal with skin problems to ensure you look your best. Scheduling your appointment at Northshore Dermatology would be the best decision, especially if you have a skin concern because the services offered are tailored towards improving the health of your skin.

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