Benefits of EMsculpt NEO Over Other Alternatives 

EMsculpt NEO has emerged as a revolutionary body sculpting treatment across the world. The best part about the procedure is that it does not require inserting pins and needles inside your body. Rather, it uses electromagnetic energy to burn fat while building and toning muscles. Owing to its numerous benefits, the treatment has gained much popularity. 

If you are interested in burning fat from your body, but your diets and exercises have not been working, you should consider Downingtown Emsculpt NEO. Along with being non-invasive, it is also approved by the FDA. Therefore, you can rest assured that it is safe and effective. Undoubtedly, the benefits of the treatment are hard to ignore. 

Benefits of EMsculpt NEO 

  1. No recovery time. 

Unlike invasive and surgical procedures, the EMsculpt NEO procedure requires no downtime. You can immediately return home once your treatment ends and resume work. Other body sculpting procedures, like liposuction, require downtime of at least several weeks, along with body rest. There is none of that here. The only time you need to set apart for EMsculpt NEO is the length of the session you have scheduled. 

  1. No incisions necessary. 

EMSculpt NEW uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) and radiofrequency (RF) energies for the treatment. The surgeon uses a derma pen for microneedling over the target area of the body. Combining microneedling with both energies enhances the effects of the treatment for an improved and consistent outcome. This is an improved version of its previous version, EMSculpt. 

  1. Burns fat. 

Not only does EMSculpt help build muscles, but it stimulates fat elimination from your body. Through a process called lipolysis, the treatment breaks down the fat cells in the target area of your body. People commonly opt for EMSculpt NEO to remove fat from stubborn body parts, such as the abdomen and thighs. It can be difficult to eliminate fat from these areas with diet and exercise. 

  1. Provides maintainable results. 

EMSculpt helps you achieve results that are easy to maintain with the help of preventative and corrective therapy options. When the treatment burns the fat cells in your body through apoptosis, those unwanted fat cells won’t return. The cells undergo specific changes in their structure and internal processes, preventing them from returning. 

  1. Receive a slimmer and stronger physique. 

With the help of EMSculpt NEO, patients can achieve their body goals through a non-invasive technique, unlike tummy tucks or liposuctions. Men and women who are tired of trying new diets and gym exercises to build a slimmer and stronger physique can use EMSculpt NEO to fulfill their goals. 

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