Reasons For Seeking Men’s Health at Atlas Men’s Clinic

As a man, you don’t need to consult your care provider only when you feel unwell. In most cases, you are advised to make random appointments with your care provider for your men’s health

checkup. Such appointments are essential because they help diagnose and treat effective male reproductive health concerns. Doing so ensures most of them are diagnosed and treated before serious complications such as male infertility develop. Consider seeking Atlas Men’s Clinic

services to ensure all your reproductive organs remain healthy and serious complications are eliminated. Below are some of the reasons for seeking men’s health services.

Erectile dysfunction

In most cases, if you have erectile dysfunction, it is quite challenging for you to keep or maintain an erection for a while, thus making it difficult to have sex. It is a common concern affecting most men who; experience difficulties getting an erection, which may happen occasionally.

However, it becomes an ongoing concern, possibly due to an underlying health problem that requires diagnosis and treatment. Some of the common signs that you experience when you need to seek medical help include reduced sexual desire, difficulty getting an erection, delayed or premature ejaculation, and difficulty keeping an erection.

Peyronie’s disease

When you get Peyronie’s disease, you usually experience serious pain, and the condition often results in the development of scar tissue in your penis. In most cases, as the scar tissue builds up, it makes your penis curve, thus altering its appearance, size, and girth. However, when your penis curves during an erection, it does not mean you have Peyronie’s disease. However, you

must consult your care provider for diagnosis, especially if you are experiencing pain during

sexual intercourse. Common symptoms include loss of girth, noticeable curves, difficulty having sex, painful erections, and lumps in your penis.

Low testosterone

It is a common concern affecting men in the Middle Ages. In most cases, testosterone levels usually fall when the testicles begin producing as much as they used to. Of importance to note is that the testosterone hormone is a primary male hormone that maintains male reproductive health, bone density, and muscle mass. Some symptoms include fatigue, low sex drive, mental fog, loss of bone mass, and erectile dysfunction, among many others.

Shock wave therapy

Shock wave therapy is usually used to treat erectile dysfunction, and it involves using

high-frequency sound waves to help increase the blood supply to your penis. As a result, there is an increase in the production of healthy and new penile tissues promoting the natural healing process of your body.

Sexual Health

Sexual health focuses on diagnosing and treating conditions affecting the male reproductive system, including the testicles, penis, or prostate. Most men occasionally experience erectile

dysfunction and low libido, but if you have symptoms for more than a week, you need to consult your care provider.

Do not hesitate to schedule your appointment at Atlas Men’s Clinic today, especially if you are experiencing any sexual concerns as a man. In most cases, people are shy to experience some of

the reproductive or sexual problems they might be experiencing because they are afraid of being judged, while others think they will go on their own. However, it is usually not the case. After

all, most care providers provide the best treatment options available without judging them because most of them are common and can affect any man.

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