How to avoid unwanted pregnancy?

There are many couples who want to have sexual intercourse but do not want to get pregnant. However, every year thousands of cases of unwanted pregnancy are reported. Such unforeseen circumstances can have a negative impact on your life and may cause emotional distress. Therefore, in order to avoid unwanted pregnancy Lake Mary, you should always use effective contraceptive methods and only indulge in such activities when you are ready to take full responsibility for any outcome. Below mentioned are some of the steps that you should take to keep yourself away from such situations:

  • Use contraceptives: If you want to sexually engage with your partner and do not want to get pregnant, ensure that you use reliable contraceptive methods. Male and female condoms are quite effective in preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Moreover, birth control pills, injections, and patches are also some of the other available options. Along with this, in case of failure of contraceptive methods or in case of unprotected sex, there are emergency contraceptive pills that can be taken to reduce the chances of pregnancy.
  • Educate and communicate: You must acquire knowledge regarding various contraceptive methods and safe sexual practices. Furthermore, you should even impart this knowledge to your friends, sexual partner, and colleagues.
  • Go for dual protection: In order to prevent the risk of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, you can always combine two contraceptive methods such as using condoms and using birth control pills together.
  • Get regular checkups: If you are using pills to avoid pregnancy, you should get in touch with your healthcare provider to make sure that this particular method is working effectively.
  • Understand your menstrual cycle: If you are a male then have proper knowledge regarding the menstrual cycle of your partner and avoid engaging in sexual activity during the most fertile days.
  • Sterilization: This is the process of removing a person’s ability to reproduce with the help of surgery. This method is permanent and mostly suitable for those who do not want to have children in the future. Sterilization is available for both genders and is performed in hospitals with the use of general anesthesia.

Along with the above methods, you must keep yourself updated on advancements in various contraceptive methods so that you are able to make better decisions. However, you must keep in mind that no form of contraceptive is hundred percent secure, and hence, you should always be ready to face the consequences with patience and courage.

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