5 Common Procedures You Can Get During Vaginal Rejuvenation

You have no control over what happens to your vagina when you undergo delivery, trauma, and inevitable aging. After such situations, your vagina tends to lose its elasticity and strength, which may be the reason for several uncomfortable symptoms. You can minimize these symptoms with Houston vaginal rejuvenation.

Vaginal rejuvenation includes all the corrective treatments your doctor can recommend to restore vaginal function and appearance. Treatment can also save you from complications like incontinence. The following discussion highlights five such treatments.


You can benefit from labiaplasty if you want to increase or reduce the size of your labia to improve its appearance. Excess labial tissue may pinch and tug, causing physical discomfort during physical activities. Additionally, you may want to rejuvenate your labia after childbirth to restore a youthful look.

After a consultation, your doctor may administer anesthesia to keep you comfortable throughout treatment. Your doctor may then perform a reduction or enlargement procedure, depending on what you seek. Recovery may be painful initially, but it will improve as healing continues.


After childbirth, your vagina will likely loosen and slacken. Vaginaplasty works to restore vaginal tightness and firmness while removing possible scarring. Other reasons for vaginaplasty may include weight loss, aging, hormonal changes, and scarring.

Your doctor will make a small incision in your perineum during the procedure. Next, your doctor may remove excess tissue and skin and tighten your tissues. Your doctor will try to place an incision in the body area that your natural contours can hide.


The same radiofrequency technology that has worked for most anti-aging procedures can apply to rejuvenate your vagina. ThermiVa delivers regulated amounts of thermal energy to your vagina and labia to tighten them. Radiofrequency energy will stimulate collagen increase to remodel your vagina and make it elastic.

ThermiVa can improve labial and vaginal laxity in a non-surgical and painless procedure. You can receive this treatment two months after your pregnancy and wait for results to last up to a year. Usually, you can return to regular activities immediately after treatment.

O-Shot® with PRP

Also referred to as an Orgasm shot, the treatment involves harnessing platelet-rich plasma from your blood. Your doctor then injects the PRP into your clitoris and vagina in a simple and painless procedure. O-shot then stimulates healthy tissue growth and improves sexual health.

After treatment, you may take a few days to notice improved sexual function and orgasm. However, full effects may manifest three months later after treatment. Since your doctor injects your own PRP back into your system, complications are rare.


Your perineum may overstretch from damage during childbirth and trauma, causing it to become loose. Loose skin may cause decreased sexual satisfaction, low self-esteem, and discomfort. In some cases, you may develop incontinence because of extensive muscle damage.

You can consider perineoplasty to remove loose skin at your vaginal opening. Your doctor will cut in your vaginal opening and then cut out scar tissue and excess skin. You may need repair around your vaginal muscles before your doctor closes the incision.

Vaginal rejuvenation is a sure way to improve your current vaginal conditions. It firms up the skin around your vagina and tightens your vaginal canal. Therefore, you will likely notice improved symptoms of dryness, incontinence, and sexual function.

While results are not permanent, most procedures can last several months. You can then schedule repeated treatment sessions to maintain the results. Talk to your doctor if you are dealing with issues relating to your vagina and need help.

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