How to Deal with Spider Veins

The discoloration on your feet might make you seek cosmetic treatments but do you know they indicate serious vascular problems? The discoloration might signify stagnant blood in the veins caused by Aventura spider veins. Spider veins slow down blood flow through the veins to the upper parts of the body and occur due to cholesterol deposits in the veins or valve failure. However, a primary or vascular doctor should confirm that discoloration occurs due to spider veins. These are remedies for spider veins and how to cope with the condition

Compression Stockings

You can use compression stockings to reduce the discoloration on the feet and treat spider veins. The compression stockings apply the right pressure on the feet, making it easy for the blood to flow back to the upper body. Although you can buy over-the-counter compression stockings to deal with spider veins, customized compression stockings apply the right pressure on the feet to maintain blood flow. You can wear compression stockings throughout the day, especially if you work in a stationary workstation which does not allow one to stand and walk frequently.


The blood flow to the upper body depends on muscle contraction and relaxation, which applies the right pressure on the veins. You can achieve muscle contraction and relaxation through jogging or fast-paced walking exercises. Moreover, exercises lead to weight loss and improve heart health and blood flow through the blood vessels.

Elevate the Feet

You may elevate the feet after a tiresome day as it increases the blood flow to the rest of the body. However, this might be an ideal remedy for acute spider veins. Use a leg pillow when sleeping or resting, as it allows the blood to flow by gravity to the heart and the rest of the body.

Reduce Overreliance on Pills

Some women could develop spider veins due to the overreliance on family planning pills. The pills affect how your body and the circulatory system work. Thus before using the hormone pills, you would talk with a doctor to determine if the pills will affect blood circulation. You may need to stop taking the pills and opt for non-hormone treatments, which affect the circulatory system.


Sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive treatment for spider veins as it blocks the affected veins, thus alleviating discoloration. This might be an ideal cosmetic treatment as it improves the appearance of the feet. Your doctor will inject an adhesive liquid, creating scars on the affected veins. Once the scars heal, it cuts off blood from flowing through the veins. The blood will flow through other healthy veins leading to effective blood circulation from the feet to the heart.

Spider veins result from the lack of proper blood flow to the heart, and you should seek home remedies and treatments to overcome the condition. You may start by exercising and losing weight to avoid cholesterol deposits on the blood vessels which carry the blood. Moreover, you would elate the feet at the end of the day to promote the blood flow through gravity to the heart. You may opt for customized compression stockings that push the blood to the upper body or minimally invasive procedures which seal off the affected veins.

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