6 Golden Tips That Can Help You Care for Your Dentures

Many individuals worldwide do not live fully due to tooth loss. Although the risk of teeth loss increases with aging, accidents and teeth infections can also cause missing teeth among individuals. Consequently, without some teeth, the victims find it difficult to enjoy their favorite meal due to non-uniformity while chewing. Also, your perfect smile will be no more, especially if you miss the front teeth. Fortunately, Haleh Fazeli DDS can help you get modern dentures that restore your smile and eating habits. After a denture appointment, here are the golden tips to help you care for the dentures.

Learn to Eat While Wearing the Dentures       

You may feel awkward eating with the dentures, especially for the first time. Although the sensitivity will ease with time, it is good to eat soft meals. For instance, during the first days of getting the dentures, eat stewed vegetables, which are easier to chew. With time, shift gradually to slightly hard meals such as rice which will help you to get used to the new teeth.

Rinse the Dentures

After eating with the denture, removing and rinsing them is recommended. Cleaning the dentures helps to remove the food particles, thus reducing the chances of bacteria developing along those devices. It would help if you also washed your mouth with a soft toothbrush after removing the dentures.

Handle With Care

Certain dentures are fragile and can easily break when they fall on hard surfaces. Therefore, when dealing with dentures, you should place the towel where you intend to place them. Partially filling the sink with water can also help to provide cushioning, thus reducing the likelihood of dentures breaking.

Soak the Denture

Keeping the denture moist is recommended to retain their shape. During bedtime, remove the dentures and put them in the glass of the denture cleanser. This practice helps avoid plaque buildup and reduces the chances of denture deformation. Alternatively, you can soak dentures in a glass of cold water since extremely hot water can reduce their fitness in grasping the gum.

Be Keen on the Denture Seal

Certain dentures require adhesives to connect with the gums effectively. Choosing the right adhesive is practical, especially in providing a firm seal that will help reduce the likelihood of food particles sticking to the gaps. Moreover, the appropriate adhesive helps boost your saliva cleansing capacity, which could have been reduced due to the installation of dentures.

Regular Checkup

You may think that regular dentist visits are unnecessary after getting the dentures, but you are mistaken. Even if you do not have natural teeth, regular checkups are vital since they help to ensure that the prosthetics fit properly. In addition, through the visits, your dentist identifies potential dental problems and offers a timely remedy.

Many individuals worldwide have experienced tooth loss in their lives. Living without one or a set of teeth undermines individuals’ quality of life. For instance, they no longer enjoy their favorite meal due to difficulties while chewing. The broad smile also fades away, thus lowering individuals’ confidence. Fortunately, if you are a victim you do not have to live with those concerns since there are different therapeutic techniques that you can lean on.

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