Why You Should Opt For OB/GYN Care for Women by Women

Young woman patient with a senior gynecologist during the consultation in the gynecological office

Male and female doctors can choose to undertake OB/GYN courses and treat reproductive issues effectively. However, women understand issues that affect other women and tend to deal with reproductive issues with compassion. Dr Torres OBGYN puts their patients at ease during annual exams or sick visits. Although choosing a gynecologist will depend on your needs, you should choose a woman to treat you. Men will overlook certain symptoms which are specific to women leading to the wrong diagnosis during treatments. Here are reasons you should opt for a woman gynecologist.

Female OB/GYN Understand the Issues Affecting Women

Although the entire gynecologist is trained to understand the reproductive issues affecting women, a woman gynecologist will be keen on your symptoms. During treatments, they learn by observing patients as they would want to be in a position to deal with the health complications if they ever face them in the future. Thus, a woman gynecologist tends to be passionate about their work as treating other women brings meaning to their life. Sometimes certain symptoms only affect women, and men’s gynecologists overlook the symptoms during diagnosis, leading to poor management of health issues.

You Will Be At Ease

Although all gynecologists are taught to respect patients, you might be at ease when seeing a female gynecologist. They tend to have the best bedside manners as they understand the concept of consent. They will ask you if you feel okay with certain procedures before proceeding. They might let you have the privacy you need before and after treatment.

They Advocate For Your Rights

Females will advocate for issues affecting women, and a female gynecologist will advocate for your concerns. They educate the patients on proper reproductive health practices, such as using barrier protection to guard against STDs. They may advise on consent and help you report sexually violent partners. Thus, you will be safe with a female gynecologist as they have your back and act as your advocate.

You Can Share Intimate Information

It is easy to share intimate information with a woman than with a man. Women have been confined to other women since the beginning, and sharing intimate information with a gynecologist will not be difficult. The intimate information might be necessary during treatment as they make it possible to create a proper diagnosis and treatment plan. You should not visit a gynecologist who does not offer the freedom of speech as you will not be vulnerable to sharing information which will contribute towards a better treatment plan.

They Guide Women through Pregnancy

A female gynecologist will guide you through the pregnancy as though they are caring for a friend. They will give you the best diet and exercise tips, contributing to positive pregnancy experiences. They might also share their experiences and encourage you to face your fears.

Women advocate for each other, and choosing a female gynecologist might be the best decision for your health and the developing fetus. They will make you at ease during the annual exams or sick vests as they have the best bedside manners. They understand the idea of consent and will ensure you feel comfortable during intimate procedures such as cervical cancer testing. They will advocate for your medical needs in the complicated health sector and educate you on the best reproductive health practices. Finally, they guide women throughout the pregnancy and help them overcome their fears.

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