Is There a Cure for Alzheimer’s Disease?

Learning that a loved one has Alzheimer’s disease is devastating news. The disease infects the brain and leads to a person being unable to function normally due to a breakdown in the brain.

It is a disease where the person will never get better because there is no cure.

How It Affects the Brain

Part of the reason why there is no cure for Alzheimer’s disease is that it affects the brain. While science knows a lot about the brain, it is still one area of the body that has many mysteries. This means that even the best researchers do not know everything about how Alzheimer’s affects the brain.

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, what is known is that the disease seems to impact brain cells and their ability to function normally. The cells in the brain will receive and send messages, process and store information, and communicate with cells in other parts of the body.

When a person has Alzheimer’s disease, the cells malfunction. Researchers do not know exactly what happens or why it happens. They only know that cells stop working and die, which causes changes in the way the brain works.

Treating Alzheimer’s Disease

Because there is no cure, the focus for these patients becomes treatment and care. Alzheimers care Denver involves supporting the person and ensuring he or she remains safe. 

In the early stages, care may involve having someone check in on the person regularly to make sure he or she is doing ok and handling daily needs properly. The person may become forgetful about simple things, such as turning off the stove after using it. He or she may not be able to drive without getting lost. These things pose an immediate risk to a person’s safety and will require oversight to prevent injuries or tragic situations.

As the disease progresses, the amount of care and attention needed will increase. A person will end up needing around the clock care due to the inability to take care of basic needs and safety concerns. In advanced stages, a person will often begin suffering from physical ailments related to Alzheimer’s disease, such as loss of bladder and bowel control or dehydration.

A Terrible Diagnosis

Alzheimer’s disease is a terrible diagnosis. While you can be optimistic and there are things that can help to delay the onset of more severe symptoms, there is no cure. Finding the best care is the main way to support a loved one who gets this diagnosis.

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