Dealing With the Effects of Body Changes

The body is incredibly resilient at healing, but that doesn’t mean it does a very good job of restoring itself back to the status quo. Especially in the case of significant body change, such as serious obesity or pregnancy and childbirth, muscles and bones can restore themselves, but skin tends to remain stretched. Unlike the movies, where things seem to be resilient, skin that has been stretched for a long time tends to sag after the weight loss. And that, Dr. Joel Aronowitz notes, can leave a person with serious, unsightly physical conditions, usually around the waist as well as the legs and upper arms. Plastic surgery can help.

Pregnancy Repair

In the space of nine months or thereabouts, a woman’s body will go from its starting shape to being a full incubator for a new life, and in doing so the body with morph dramatically. The same hormones that cause the body to change to allow for carrying a child to term and for birth also have a dramatic effect on how the body reroutes resources, affecting muscle, skin, hair and appearance. Afterward, most women often feel “older,” even if technically less than a year has passed. Much of that has to do with how they look after childbirth and recovery. For example, a good amount of the body fat in the face will be gone, drawn away by the child. Yet more fat will have deposited in the waist, tummy, and upper leg area. Fortunately, plastic surgery can help.

Along with removing the extra sag caused by stretched skin during the pregnancy process and carrying a child to term, plastic surgery can be very useful for the removal of extra layers of fat, oftentimes produced to provide resources for the child as it was developing. This extra weight is removable with liposuction and can help improve appearance significantly.

Obesity Repair

Excessive weight, particularly visceral fat only comes off with dramatic diet changes and increased metabolism. The effects can be dramatic, triggering significant weight loss over time. Unfortunately, as many have found out after losing dramatic weight, their skin remains stretched. No surprise, while the given person is far healthier with less body strain having removed all that excess fat, their body physically may seem permanently stretched out. Again, Joel Aronowitz MD points out that plastic surgery can do a lot to help repair this side-effect of restoring one’s weight to a healthy level. With targeted removal of stretched tissue, a person’s body can be brought back to normal appearance for the slimmer look they worked so hard to achieve. High-quality plastic surgery can produce these results in a healthy fashion with professional skill and monitoring for successful recovery.

There are solutions for the drastic body changes that occur with pregnancy and obesity. Don’t give up. Talk to a qualified plastic surgeon about your options. You are not stuck with the body you have just because of what has already happened.

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