A Quick Beginner’s Guide to CBC and Its Products

With the rising popularity of cannabinoids, a beginner in the market would understandably be confused and overwhelmed with all the available choices. If you’re specifically looking for something that’s not psychoactive at all, however, then it’s CBC that you should get. 

What is CBC

In a nutshell, CBC is short for cannabichromene. While it is similar to CBD in many ways, the biggest difference is that it is non-intoxicating and has no euphoric effect at all because it does not bind with cannabinol receptors. Despite this, however, it still is able to reduce pain and inflammation in the system.

CBC Products and Effects

Like its CBD cousin, CBD products come in different forms. There are those that come in gel capsules for easy ingestion, while there are also CBC tincture and oils, which can be mixed in food and drinks.  

There are also those that come in gummies and chocolate bars, making it perfect for those who love to snack. 

The reason why there’s so much demand for these products is that it’s been known to have a variety of health benefits, not only on physical pain relief, but also on one’s mood. CBC has been found to help improve energy, certain skin conditions, and overall well-being.

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