5 Must Know Facts about a Breast Lift Procedure

Aging seems to affect everything, including your breast, presenting it with less elasticity and more sagging. However, it is not the only factor because even pregnancy can change your breast shape. You can enhance your breast shape by getting a breast lift Fort Worth to restore firmness and elasticity while improving self-confidence. A breast lift can achieve more results if you have smaller breasts, as heavy ones tend to sag. Before you can go for the procedure, you can learn more about it from the discussion below.

There Are Reasons for Undergoing a Breast Lift

As you age, your breast tends to lose its firmness, causing it to be less elastic and appear sagging. You may also undergo breast changes after pregnancy because bands of tissue supporting your breast will stretch. After the pregnancy, your breasts may begin sagging, whether you breastfeed or not. Weight changes may also stretch your breast and cause it to lose elasticity. Therefore, you may schedule a breast lift to reshape and raise your breasts to create a fuller image. You can choose a breast lift for sagging breasts, nipples that fall below or point downward, and areolae stretching out of proportion.

The Procedure Is Not For Everyone

If you intend to get pregnant later in life, you may want to push your breast lift to the future because another pregnancy may alter your initial results. Secondly, you may have to delay a breast lift if you are breastfeeding because, after the procedure, you may find it difficult to produce enough milk. Lastly, a breast lift may work better for you if you have smaller breasts than large and heavier ones. Meaning that they will likely sag again even after treatment.

You Will Need a Consultation Session before Treatment

During your first visit, your doctor will review your medical history to check a family history of breast cancer. Also, your doctor will perform a physical examination to examine your breasts and see how they may hold after treatment. Additionally, you will discuss with your doctor your reasons for a breast lift and your expectations after the treatment. Your doctor can then help you understand the risks and benefits of the procedure.

The Technique  Will Determine the Location of Incisions

Your doctor may make incisions around your areola, extend downward from your areola to your breast creases, or horizontally along your creases. Next, your doctor will place stitches to reshape your breast tissue and reduce your areola size if necessary.

Recovery Will Take Time

After the procedure, your breasts will swell and be bruised for up to two weeks. You may also feel sore and painful around your incisions. You must follow instructions on avoiding heavy activities, taking medications, and wearing a support bra.

A breast lift is a good boost to enhance your appearance while improving your self-confidence if you have breast changes resulting from pregnancy and weight changes. You make a good candidate if you have goals about your breast surgery and want to make realistic changes to your breast. However, the procedure may not be necessary if you are planning to have children in the future. A breast lift will leave you with noticeable and permanent scars that will soften over time. Talk to your doctor extensively about the procedure before scheduling your session.

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