3 Exercises to Add to Your Calendar

You want to stay active and do something new, but you’re not sure what to start. What are your friends doing for fun? Colleges, clubs, and community organizations will have lists available, too. Consider adding one of these. 

1. Yoga 

A downward-facing dog might as well be a downward-facing hippopotamus when you’re unfamiliar with yoga. After a few classes, however, the language will become more familiar and you’ll begin to recognize how poses feel in your body. Yoga is as varied as the people who practice it, so search for yoga instruction New Jersey that you enjoy the most. Some classes move through swift flows while others are meditative. In your classes, you can find a new community of people.

2. Biking

Once you’ve untangled your chain and filled your tires with air, you can ride your bike. You can make biking a sport or a hobby, depending on your interest. If you want to become more serious as a biker, find a local cycling store. They could tell you about any upcoming races if you’re feeling especially ambitious. Maybe, though, you just want to enjoy the feel of the wind on your body as you pedal around town. Start with small routes and work your way to longer distances. Consider adding baskets and a bike lock if you plan to take trips to the store, and invest in some lights and reflectors if you want to take rides after dark. 

3. Walking on Trails

When you decide to move from neighborhood walks to trail walks, you’ll have a lot of fascinating scenery to look at. Make sure your shoes fit well and won’t irritate your feet when you walk. Then, figure out which trails to explore. Invite a friend and have fun. Make sure to carry bug spray, water, sunscreen, and anything else you might need when you’re out and about. 

Find out what’s available in your area. Have some fun with something new. 

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