Reasons You Should Consider Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry is a dental field that focuses on repairing and replacing lost and damaged teeth. You can consider restorative dentistry to treat gapped, misshapen, and broken teeth. Restorative dentistry in Huntington Beach mainly emphasizes improving chewing function and overall oral health. The field involves many dental treatment procedures, including fillings, inlays, onlays, crowns, implants, bridges, and dentures. Some dental restoration procedures like crowns can offer functional and cosmetic benefits. Restorative dentistry has many benefits, including:

Restorative dentistry improves chewing function

Chewing is a complex act that requires coordination between your jaw, teeth, and tooth. You can be choked or develop digestive problems if you do not chew properly. If you have damaged teeth or experience tooth pain, you might over-rely on one side of your mouth for chewing, leading to chewing disorders. Losing teeth can also make you avoid some foods. Restorative dentistry treats various dental disorders, restoring your chewing ability and allowing you to enjoy different food types.

It restores your speech

Missing or misaligned teeth can impair your speech. These disorders cause challenges pronouncing certain letters or words. Impaired speech can lower self-esteem and make you avoid social gatherings and events. Restorative dentistry replaces lost teeth and straightens misaligned teeth, restoring your speech. Dental implants are a good choice for lost teeth as they are firmly fixed in your jawbone, so you do not have to worry that they might slip as you talk.  

It improves dental, smile, and facial appearance

Missing teeth can damage your dental look and smile. Lost teeth also lead to impaired facial structure. Misaligned, uneven, and discolored teeth impair your dental appearance and smile. Restorative dentistry procedures like teeth whitening, crowns, and fillings treat various teeth disorders improving your smile and look. Replacing lost teeth also help restore the lost facial structure, giving you a younger appearance.

It helps preserve bone strength

Your teeth stimulate your jaw bone, preventing it from weakening and deteriorating. If you lose teeth and take a long period to replace them, your jawbone lacks stimulation and gradually deteriorates. The dental implant, a common procedure in restorative dentistry, helps replace a lost tooth and its root, preventing the breakdown of your jaw bone.

It relieves oral pain

Untreated cavities and severely damaged teeth and gums can lead to pain. Misaligned teeth can cause jaw pain and stiffness, teeth clicking, and unintentional self-biting of your gums. Sometimes tooth, gum, and jaw pain can be extreme, leading to recurrent headaches and trouble sleeping. Restorative dentistry treats damaged teeth and misaligned teeth, relieving your oral pain.

It improves overall oral health

Missing teeth can lead to gum and jawbone disorders. Dental restorations like implants, dentures, and bridges can benefit your jawbone. Misaligned teeth can also lead to jawbone and gum issues. Treating damaged teeth can help prevent infection. Restorative dentistry covers many dental problems, improving your overall health.

Restorative dentistry replaces and repairs missing and damaged teeth. It helps improve chewing ability, relieves pain, boosts appearance, preserves bone strength, and improves oral health. Schedule an appointment at Orange Coast Dental Specialty for restorative dentistry services to improve your overall dental health.

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