How to Keep Your Nails Healthy and Strong

Do you know how to keep your nails strong and healthy? A healthy nail is one that is free from fungal infections, broken or brittle nails, dry nails, cracks in the nail bed and yellowish nails that are easily blemished. If you want to know how to keep your nails strong and healthy, read this article and learn how to take care of your nails the right way.

Nail fungal infections happen when fungi enter your nail and multiply. Fungi feed off of keratin and when you wear tight fitting shoes or socks, your nails are more likely to get infected. If you are always exposed to direct sunlight, your nails are more susceptible to dry, cracking, dry or yellow nails that can also be easily damaged and cause infection. If you want to know how to keep your nails healthy and strong, then you need to pay attention to the factors that can cause nail fungal infections in the first place.

The most important factor that will make your nails healthy and strong is to not cut your nails too short. You want to have at least three to four millimeters between the nail bed and the edge of the nail. If you are constantly in a hurry to do something and you cut your nails too short, the cut can become infected and it may lead to more problems. If you cut too short, your nails will not have enough time to absorb the moisture is a perfect medium for the growth of fungus. Cut too short and you will also not have enough time to grow long, healthy and strong nails.

You also need to have a healthy nail bed. A healthy nail bed is composed of healthy keratin which will keep the nails strong and healthy. If you have brittle nails, then they are probably due to unhealthy nail bed. If your nail bed is healthy and strong, then your nails will be strong and healthy. In order to have healthy and strong nails, it is necessary to use a nail polish that contains an anti-fungal ingredient. You can use natural nail polish that does not contain any chemicals and it is usually available at drugstores and beauty stores.

You also need to remember to take care of your nails when you are in the bath or shower because you can easily scratch your nails when you take your bath. You also need to keep your nails hydrated by using a good moisturizer that will keep your nails soft and supple. Use a quality moisturizer that will nourish your nails, thus, keeping your nails strong and healthy.

Finally, you need to make sure that your nails are always clean and polished. You need to take your time in applying nail polish because if you do not, the polish will not adhere properly. to your nail and will not stay on your nails forever.

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