Dental Restoration – Problems That Cannot Be Fixed With Dental Fillings

The dental filling material has been used for hundreds of years to fill the holes and cavities in the teeth. The fillings themselves are usually made out of porcelain, and the dentist or dental technician can use them to fill out any type of dental problem, including cavities, chips, and tooth decay. However, there are a number of dental problems that cannot be fixed by the dental fillings, but only by the restoration of the tooth.

A common type of problem that cannot be fixed by the dental fillings is a broken tooth. The problem may lie in the jaw bone, which is usually not strong enough to withstand the stresses from the filling. The dentist may recommend that the patient get a root canal, which is an in-office procedure that takes longer and costs more than a filling. Once the root canal is completed, a temporary crown will be placed over the broken tooth, but it is very expensive to use.

There are a variety of dental restoration that can be done that do not require a root canal or crown. A good example of these problems are decay that cannot be fixed by the dental fillings. The most common form of decay that cannot be fixed by the dental fillings is cavities. The problem lies in the fact that the teeth are hollowed out and this cavity, which is filled with the filling, is the perfect environment for bacterial growth.

However, if the decay is fixed with a root canal or the crown is used, it is usually only temporary. The root canal or crown is replaced by a more permanent crown, which is not as strong as the original one.

Some other dental restoration that cannot be fixed by the dental fillings include root canal infections. An infection is caused when bacteria are trapped within the root canal, and it spreads to other parts of the mouth and the bone that surrounds the tooth becomes infected. There are a number of different ways that this can be prevented, and often it is best to simply get a root canal or tooth extraction rather than use the dental filling.

Other types of dental restoration that cannot be fixed with dental fillings include tooth sensitivity, decayed teeth, and broken or chipped teeth. These problems can be easily fixed, although many patients will choose to get a root canal instead of the filling, as it is less expensive and easier to use. Once the root canal is completed, the dentist will use a special device that allows the patient to push food back through the gums. into the tooth so that the tooth can be protected from the acids that cause decay.

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