4 Ways a Sports Chiropractor Can Help Runners Foot Pain

If you are a runner, whether competitively or recreationally, you have likely experienced foot pain at some point. Being evaluated and treated by a sports chiropractor may be the missing piece to alleviating your pain. Here are four ways he may be able to help you.

1. He Can Apply Active Release Technique

Active Release Technique is a type of therapy designed to find and address soft-tissue disorders in the body. It is non-invasive and can be used to effectively treat sprains, strains, and various other conditions. When considering a sports chiropractor Mississauga, make sure that he is a certified active release practitioner. 

2. He Can Use Acupuncture

A sports chiropractor Mississauga can also be certified to perform acupuncture. This can give them a unique treatment viewpoint, allowing them to treat your foot pain through precise stimulation with acupuncture, and spinal alignment with chiropractic.

3. He Can Relieve Nerve Compression

Foot pain in runners can also be related to a compressed nerve in the spine. Conditions such as sciatica, spondylolisthesis, degenerative disc disease, herniated disc, and lumbar spinal stenosis, can cause foot pain. Each of these conditions can be addressed through chiropractic adjustments. 

4. He Can Address Biomechanics Issues

Biomechanics issues, such as having a difference in leg length or excessive curvatures in the spine due to bad posture, can eventually lead to foot pain in runners. Your sports chiropractor can perform spinal adjustments to improve your biomechanics and alleviate possible strain being placed on your foot.

Any runner that has experienced foot pain knows that it can be a debilitating problem that only becomes worse the longer it goes untreated. Finding effective treatment early is pivotal not only to maintaining your weekly mileage but also for maintaining a pain-free quality of life. Seeking out a sports chiropractor may provide you with exactly the treatment you need to eliminate foot pain and stay pain-free for the long term.

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