Why Skipping Is Better Than Running

Jump rope

This is a training blog post by Grant Lofthouse

Skipping is one of the best things you can do if you want to get ripped without cardio, improve fitness, or just overall athleticism. Period.

And compared to running, running doesnâ??t even come to close. And that statement is not being biased because

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of cardio haters… Well maybe just a little.


Why running sucks

Due to sedentary lifestyles; sitting in a chair, on the couch and in the car for most of the day. The average person has terrible posture.

If this person decides that one of their goals for this year is to exercise and get into shape. Usually their first option is to start running.

Now Iâ??m all up for people exercising and getting into shape. But I would rather them do it the most safest way.

Jumping straight into a running program is usually going to cause a few problems and hereâ??s whyâ?¦

- Posture only getâ??s worse. Their day to day living of slumped shoulders and forward head lean is only going to carry over to their running posture. And if anything it gets worse.

Iâ??ve found that even people with good posture will still run with crappy technique. And this is typically owed to the next pointâ?¦

- Crappy foot wear. Runners encourage you to land with your heel first rather than the ball of your foot thanks to that nice juicy heel. The heel is not suppose to take on at least 2 times your body weight with each landing.

Take these two things â?? bad posture and bad running mechanics and apply at least two times your bodyweight in force and guess what we get over a period of time.

An injury.

Why skipping rules

If you take the exact same person with bad posture and hand them a skipping rope, some amazing things will happen without even saying one word.

First thing will happen is that the â??skippieâ?? will automatically push their chest out and pull their shoulders back into perfect posture.

Secondly the â??skippieâ?? will stay on the balls of their feet the entire time.

And remember this is without me saying one word.

So from a trainers perspective I absolutely love this because it makes my job a hell of a lot easier.

Running vs. Skipping for cardio

If you skip for 30 seconds and rest for 30 seconds and repeat for 10-15 minutes. You will be absolutely gassed! And thatâ??s even just at a fairly low intensity.

To get the same effect you would need to run for at least 30+ minutes, unless you go balls out.

For the above reasonsâ?¦ this is why I think skipping is better than running.

Still not clear? Check out this videoâ?¦


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  • Simon

    Reply Reply June 21, 2013

    Skipping is easy, and you can skip just before you get into bed with no rope. You can rotate you arms round your body and try different things with no rope, it can be done

  • Jonas (GER)

    Reply Reply July 29, 2012

    I usually go for a 30min run every morning and after reading this article I bought myself a skipping rope and thought I could give it a shot. I skipped for 30 minutes doing 100 skips and then paused for 30 seconds. My calves hurt for like 4 days and I could barely walk. Think I should start with 15 minutes just like you discribed it. I thought I could do more, since I run quite a lot and train my calves with high rep exercises every second day!

  • Kenny mann

    Reply Reply April 13, 2012

    Hi, i read your this article about skipping far better then running….and i wanna ask you something………is skipping a rope a better option to increase stamina and loose fat for the sports like “parkour” and “Karate”
    Please, help me on this!

    • Grant

      Reply Reply April 14, 2012

      Kenny – Yes.

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